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went through something so painful that you couldn't describe it in words?

Did you ask yourself Why Me? Why Now?

What did I do to deserve this? You simply wanted to just give up. Well, you are not alone because I have been there on countless occasions. 

 Life comes with a friend that oftentimes makes us feel it's our enemy named Pain. 

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Who is 

I am a Purpose Pusher.


My mission is to Push People Past Pain, get them to acknowledge that God is in everything, and inform you that your present struggle doesn’t dictate your future success.

I model scars, flaws, and imperfections with no shame, only using them as gain to assist someone behind me.
I am a conqueror and have taken back my peace, joy, and power. I am my pain and purpose. I have been refined.
I am on a mission to push people past pain and to remind them that their present struggle doesn’t dictate their future success. I am Just Kindra! 
Let's Recover Together
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  • Transform pain into purpose

  • Share experiences and push each other to build

  • Grow and love like we've never been wounded.

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