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I finally said "I DO"

After 32 years of settling and being known as " the other other woman" I finally said the two letter words that changes your life forever which are "I do". I remember never feeling good enough for anyone to commit to and constantly being over looked. I allowed people into the most intimate places and to have access to me in ways that no one but God should have been exposed to. I was the one good enough to take from however not quite good enough to give anything to. The four play was amazing and the pillow talk was elevating. I was in heaven laying in the bed with potential. Have you ever though someone was waving at you that you didn't know and you waved back smiling thinking I don't know them but "Hey" only to turn around and realize they were looking at the person behind you. You were so embarrassed and thought to yourself I hope no one else saw that. Yes, that's exactly how I would feel because every time I seemed to have been getting closer and closer only for it not be me. The promises of what they would give in the future while I stayed a prisoner in the present not because I was being held against my will but because of fear I remained still. I was the wind beneath theirs wings meanwhile I was falling and flapping attempting to soar. I was the ear when they needed someone to listen , the strategist when a plan was needed, and the motivator when the inspiration was low, only for me not to grow. I found myself at the alter bitter not looking anything like the picture of bride rather where bitterness resides. My mascara was running and the tears kept coming. The tears were far from joy but brokenness instead. I stood there upset about everyone who I had helped, loved, and supported only to be let go when I needed them the most. I made vows to others that they never made for me. My efforts were always extra and loyalty had no limits. The embrace from God as I poured out my heart was amazing and I finally told God YES! I decided to make vows to myself, my purpose, and to embrace every gift. I say "I DO" and divorced the past. I let go of past failures, disappointments, and bad decisions. I told myself I was good enough to have the things others had and not be introduced as The Help or assistant. Look up a set a vow and say those things to yourself and make the commitment to you that you have made to other. You are worthy of every good thing that is coming your way!

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